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Needed Parts and Information

Window Regulator NEEDED

<<< Car #9147 is badly in need of a regulator like this! >>>


The arm lengths are 10 1/4 on center and are the same length on both sides.

We believe this is a fairly standard regulator that was used on many different cars of the era. It was used on many of the Brewster body cars on both Ford and Rolls Royce chassis. If you can HELP, PLEASE contact

 Mr. H <>


Jaeger Header Clock with mounting bracket, face reads 8 DAYS, Swiss. Must be in reasonably good appearance condition but does not need to be running. See Photos. If you think you can help, contact Don for more photos and a better description. Thanks - - email

Rear Window Shade roller and brackets. This appears to be the same roller assembly that Brewster used in their closed car bodies in the late 20s and early 30s. It is 24 inches long and has a small lever on the passenger end to release the roller and roll up the shade. I need the complete assembly. This will be used in my Original, Unrestored 1934 Brewster Town Car so it need not be perfect but I would like one that is presentable enough to use as-is. If you think you can help contact Don. email .

If you have any items of interest related to the Heart Shaped Brewster cars or the Brewster company I would like to hear about them. I am always happy to share information with other enthusiasts and I am also anxious to add to my collection.

1934 to 1936 Two Passenger Convertible Coupe wanted. Any condition, any location. Please contact Don at if you are able to help.


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