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This is Brewster # 9075

Probably the most rare of all Brewsters! The original build list shows only two 5 Passenger Sedans being built.

Here is another original, unrestored Brewster. Although this is showing considerable wear and use, it is a great testimony to the quality that Brewster built into these fine cars. This one was obviously in service for many years and even though it is looking a little worn it is still in excellent running condition and an interesting car.

Car #9075 is listed in the original build list as a 5 Passenger Sedan. It was sold new to Albert H. Morse, 360 Beacon Street, Boston, MA on October 17, 1934. The Morses were a two Brewster family with Town Car # 9004 belonging to Mrs. Morse, which she purchased on June 16, 1934. The car has a roll up division window instead of the sliding style used on the 7 passenger bodies, which makes it more like a Formal Sedan or an enclosed drive Limousine.

The lube sticker shown below, which was on the dash until recently, shows that the car was serviced in Framingham, MA, no date but the mileage was 38319. Since Framingham is a suburb of Boston, it's reasonable to assume it still belonged to Mr. Morse at that time. On October 25, 1961, at 48237 miles, it was serviced at a "Co-Op" service center, at that time the car was reported to have been in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was then purchased by a man in the Baltimore, MD area who drove it to the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada on a family vacation. Shortly after their trip, he traded it to a Lincoln-Mercury dealer near Washington, DC. The L/M dealer took the car to Manheim Auto Auction where it was sold, at a regular Friday sale, to a small used car dealer in Columbia, PA. It was purchased by the present owner that same Friday evening. The date was April 10, 1963.

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An unusual feature is seat upholstery. In the nearly 40 cars that we have looked at, there have only been two that have the fabic seats with leather trim. The photo above shows the rear seat pattern in this car.

If you are a Brewster owner and would like to have your car featured in this page, please email me at dewx2pa@comcast.net and express your interest. I have photos of many cars and will try to feature different cars as time permits.

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