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Welcome to the Feature Car

This is Brewster # 9027

The original build list shows only 12, Four Passenger Convertible Sedans being built along with 1, Five Passenger model.

This is listed as a four passenger and is another original, un-restored Brewster. It was delivered new to Darling & Sheridan, 2910 San Marino Street, Los Angeles, CA (a business address) on September 21, 1934. On September 1, 1934 it was photographed by the Whittington Studio of Los Angeles for McDonald-Dodson, owners of the Vogue Tire Company. Vogue tires were the custom tire of choice for the elite Hollywood celebrities. The photos were to introduce Vogue's new, special design, Double Wide Whitewall tires.


                 The above photos are reproduced by permission of The Huntington Library, San Marino, California         

The car was originally painted light yellow with a cocoa colored chassis but, when it was delivered to Darling & Sheridan just twenty days after the photo shoot, it had been changed to black. Darling & Sheridan had several funeral homes in the L. A. metropolitan area. At some point the car found it's way back to the NYC, Connecticut area and remained in a private collection until 1960, when it was purchased by Mr. McGuinness from Atlanta, GA. On the same trip he also bought Town Car #9058. He drove both cars home, to Atlanta, from Connecticut, leaving the Convertible Sedan in the Philadelphia, PA area, with a friend, until he could drive it back home. The present owner is the man who stored the car in 1960.

In the Spring of 1995 the present owner asked Mr. McGuinness to let him know if he ever decided to sell his Brewsters. During the Summer of 1995 the details on the purchase were worked out and on January 26, 1996 he took delivery of the Town Car #9058 as well as the Convertible Sedan #9027  and they joined car #9075, a Five Passenger Limousine which he had purchased in 1963. All cars have been made road worthy and have been Certified as Original in The Antique Automobile Club of America's HPOF class.

This car has the original leather interior, dash paint, glove box clock, and although the top has been replaced, the original top center section is with the car and has the original Brewster rear window in it. The tires in the spare wells are U. S. Royal double wide white walls, of the period. It has also had a "period" radio installed.

This car is on display at many old car events in the south central Pennsylvania area. It also shares display time with the Town Car and the Limousine, every third year, in the Brewster Society flee market spaces OAG-29 to 32 in the Orange Field at the Antique Automobile Club's fall meet in Hershey, PA.

If you are a Brewster owner and would like to have your car featured in this page, please email me at and express your interest. I have photos of many cars and will try to feature different cars as time permits.

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